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The Center on Child and Family Policy (CCFP) is a nonpartisan, policy research organization, founded to provide an independent platform for high-quality research and policy analysis in the early childhood field. We are dedicated to promoting better science-based understanding of the foundational importance of early childhood, and advancing policy that gives every child the strongest start possible.

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Dr. Katharine Stevens is the founder and president of the Center on Child and Family Policy (CCFP). Prior to launching CCFP, she served for more than six years as a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), leading AEI’s early-childhood program.
Dr. Stevens’s analyses and commentary have been published in Early Learning Nation, Education Week, The Hill, HuffPost, Institute for Family Studies, Los Angeles Times, National Review, New York Daily News, New York Post, USA Today, US News & World Report, and The Wall Street Journal.

Dr. Katharine Stevens, founder & president of CCFP, Center on Child and Family Policy, Washington, D.C.
Early Matters Podcast, Dr. Katharine Stevens, Center on Child and Family Policy

The Podcast

The Saul Zaentz Charitable Foundation greatly appreciates and believes in the work being done by CCFP and was an early supporter in the organization’s launch. The Foundation now aims to amplify the work of CCFP, starting with the promotion of its very successful Early Matters Podcast. Please see and feel free to listen to the available episodes below.